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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation disputes typically involve contractual claims, torts such as interference with contract and misappropriation, and intellectual property infringement stemming from copyright or trademark violations.

When companies do business, commercial litigation disputes are bound to arise—and sometimes those disagreements cannot be resolved. This is when a business lawyer and commercial litigator can help. We understand that dispute resolution may mean the difference between profit and loss.

Blum Law Firm represents businesses and individuals in many different industries in prosecuting and defending a wide variety of complex commercial litigation claims, which often involve claims made for breach of contract, as well as business tort claims, such as fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and improper and unauthorized use of confidential information and trade secrets.

The firm also represents shareholders and partners in disputes that arise internally within privately held businesses. In this area, as in most others, the firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants. The firm also represents and protects the rights of shareholders, corporate officers, directors, managers and general partners in the context of “business divorces.”

What Common Disputes Give Rise to Commercial Litigation?

Some of the most common types of legal claims involving business disputes are:

  • When a party to a contract fails to substantially perform within the agreed-upon time frame, the other party may sue for breach of contract.
  • A tort, fraud involves a false representation that one party relies on and sustains damages as a result.
  • The tort of misrepresentation occurs when a business is misled by a false statement and induced to enter a contract. The deceived party may sue for damages and ask that the business contract be rescinded.
  • Conversion occurs when someone assumes ownership of goods without authorization and deprives the owner of its rights. The wrongdoer may be sued.
  • When a third party persuades someone to break a contract or intentionally interferes with a business relationship, the harmed party may file a tort suit alleging intentional interference with contract.
  • If a company’s intellectual property— intangible assets such as trademarks, copyrights, logos and trade dress — are used without its permission, a claim may be made for infringement.
  • Shareholder and partnership litigation may arise in private corporations – especially when one party is leaving the business. Minority stakeholders may believe they are being oppressed by the majority owners. Majority owners, controlling shareholders and directors may also have claims against those with minority stakes in a company.

The Blum Law Firm works tirelessly on behalf of clients, from pre-litigation through trial and into post-trial matters in connection with commercial litigation disputes.  To learn more about how to protect your business, contact the Blum Law Firm by calling 212-920-5858 or by filling out the online contact form.

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Whether a legal dispute is in an early stage, in litigation, or in the post-trial phase, the Blum Law Firm offers fresh and innovative approaches to help clients find solutions to their legal problems.


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